Since my beginnings as a web developer I have solved many problems (and likely created some). One of my greatest joys always was to watch something I’ve built being useful to people.

Here are some of my web and other development works, in no particular order.

Tourscheck (2015)

Full stack web development project, built for a client according to html/css provided by design agency. Launched in 2015 but inactive since 2019, the website has provided small tour operators around the world a place to list their services. On the visitor side Tourscheck features powerful search options and rich content including galleries and videos. Through their back office interface, tour agencies are able to quickly add or edit their tours and handle bookings.

Work involved: bringing website from ground up (artefact framework v1), front-end functions including booking process, online payment integration (PayPal, Stripe), customer booking reviews. Also tour agency and administrator back-end with features needed for operation, such as tour page and features editor, booking availability and pricing calendar, customer and booking search, notifications and more. Also operations: deploying a website and tuning PHP, MySQL, Nginx, Memcached services.

Fiscal invoicing system (2022)

Fiscal invoicing system addon for WHMCS. Background: a client using WHMCS management and billing software had a need to integrate it with government services in order to start issuing fiscal invoices. An invoicing system software was therefore developed as a WHMCS addon and accredited for use by the authorities.

The software automatically issues a fiscal invoice when payment is received, sending it in pdf format to the customer. A permanent record of issued fiscal invoices is kept in the system and backups in case of a tax audit.

Booking system for tours and ship rentals implemented through WordPress plugin, built according to specific needs of the tour operator’s business. Guests are offered a variety of options, such as choosing the menu they would like to have on board, or where and what time they would like ship to pick and drop them off. Such functions are made possible with resource management algorithm, which accounts for times needed for ships to travel from one port to another and perform maintenance, such as cleaning between tours.

Work involved: front-end booking forms and online payment integration (Bankart), extensive back-end with many tour features and pricing options such as restaurant menus and variable tour prices, passenger list export for regulatory purposes, booking agency affiliate system and basic logistics for ships.

Minimax API integration (2023)

Minimax bookkeeping service API integration with WHMCS. Developed as a WHMCS addon, it provides a synchronization system for invoices, payments and customer information, issuing an appropriate type of invoice or credit note with bookkeeping service. The software also obtains customer information needed for E-Invoices using National Bank of Serbia API.

In case of conflicting or missing information, an issue is automatically raised with the staff which resolves it using simple interface.

A custom made moving company order system implemented through WordPress plugin, allowing customers to build a list of items that need to be moved between several locations with add-on options such as packaging and insurance, resulting in order with all information needed for price to be determined. The order system automatically assigns trucks and workers needed for moving, and calculates price depending on volume of items being moved, distance between locations, number of floors and lift availability, parking fees etc.

Work involved: detailed front-end order builder with Google maps, geocoder and distance matrix integration. Back-end with editor for items, accessories, variable prices and order management. Complex pricing and logistics algorithm for trucks and workers that accounts for working days, hours and holidays.

EPP Proxy (2022)

EPP Proxy was developed to solve the problem of connecting existing IT system and external service over the Internet. It is written entirely in PHP, employs TLS/SSL certificates in both directions, and can run on VPS or other limited resource hosting solutions. It is used to securely handle higher level protocols that use TCP transport layer, such as EPP and SMTP.

Work involved: research of TCP protocols and EPP in particular, development of service, deployment and testing.

ViviRent (2020)

Reservation booking system for villas on the shores of Adriatic sea, implemented using a WordPress plugin. Features a front-end booking form with calendar overview which helps customers quickly find available dates. Back-end has all that is needed for management, such as pricing editor and calendar, setting promotions and discounts, check-in and check-out rules, cleaning fees and taxes. Also, a back-end mobile PWA was also developed, enabling the staff to conveniently tend to bookings using mobile devices even when out of office.

Work involved: front-end interactive booking calendar. Back-end interface for management of bookings, pricing, affiliated booking agencies etc. Progressive Web App (PWA) with subset of back-end functions needed for management of bookings using mobile devices.

Bank Inbox (2021)

System for bank statements parsing and order activation for WHMCS. Background: bank used by a client does not provide statements in machine-readable format. In order to speed up delivery of services and improve customer experience, a WHMCS addon was developed to parse statements sent by email in various human-readable formats (html, Excel, pdf) and match invoices awaiting payment thus removing the need for a human operator confirming each and every payment.

The matching is performed using multiple criteria, with customizable rules and exemptions. For unmatched payments, operators have an easy to use interface showing likely matches that were not automatically completed. The introduction of software has substantially shortened service delivery time and lowered staff workload.

Srpsko Srce (2020)

A number WordPress plugins for a community and portal website.

  • A system of premium membership with member-only areas and protected downloads.
  • Custom login and register pages with additional user fields, providing better user experience in contrast to default WordPress user registration flow.
  • Custom banner advertisement system with click tracking and statistics.
  • On-line knowledge based quiz which tracks speed and performance of participants and provides rankings.

Work involved: building and integrating multiple plugins to form consistent product and required back-end features for their management. Payment integration (Payten) with recurring payments. Front-end quiz feature with game-like experience.